Worker’s Comp Services

manufacturingplant_420x315Why Brown & Brown of Fort Myers to represent your company for Florida Workers’ Compensation?

Our office has developed very strong working relationships with all major workers compensation carriers. These relationships are critical when marketing your account to the carriers and negotiating the best plan design, coverage’s and price for your specific business. In addition, all of our state licensed agents are graduates of the Brown & Brown University with extensive training on the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law Ch. 440 F.S. and are able to explain how the system really works! There is hardly a business, industrial or professional insurance situation that has not presented itself to Brown & Brown – Health/Medical, Retail, Construction, Marine, Transportation, e-Commerce/High Technology, Financial, Legal Agriculture, Colleges and Universities, Golf Courses and Country Clubs, Governmental Entities, General Aviation, Hospitals, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Manufacturing, Medical Care Facilities, Museums, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Religious Institutions, Schools and many others. Brown & Brown is dedicated to providing our clients with the most current and accurate information in the industry. Our company understands that “The only constant is Change!” and we believe this is a hallmark of a healthy, growing company.

Latest changes:

  • Notice of Workers Compensation Experience Rating Change
    The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) has filed a “split point” change in their workers compensation experience rating plan with state insurance departments that could have a significant impact on your business. This rating change could increase or decrease your experience rating mod as it is implemented over the next three years, according to the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America. All rights reserved Copyright 2012.
  • Split Point Primary – The NCCI experience rating change could have a huge impact to your premiums, allow our agents to guide you through the new changes with our exclusive Split Point Primary Presentation.

We provide access to virtually all insurance markets and work with A- to A++ carriers and also provide the following services for your workers compensation program:

  • Plan Analysis – Design
  • Contract Review – Dividend & Agreement Specifications
  • Monitor Workers Comp Experience Modification
    • A large percentage of all Experience Mods are incorrect, usually in the carrier’s favor. Our agency can analyze your current mod and create test mods.
  • Split Point Primary – Exclusive agency presentation click here for details.
  • Claims Auditing of Reserves – Reserves usually can be brought down 25-30% and savings passed on directly to the insured, depending on the plan.
  • Capability to offer management tools to analyze Work Comp plans, loss problems and quantify them.
  • Design and assist to establish a Drug Free Workplace and Safety Programs for the insured.
  • Knowledge of every department that governs workers compensation rules, rates and law. Assist to establish a liaison with every department for your company.
    • NCCI
    • Department of Insurance
    • Department of Labor
    • Workers Compensation Attorneys
    • Claims Audit Service
    • Department of Health

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